FRAMOS introduces the Videology 21K17, a CCD solution for specific industrial surveillance

Sony has announced to stop production of CCD sensors. Somewhere in 2016 companies still having CCD sensors in use need its transition strategy in place. As well if after the application check the advantages CCD sensors offer are still higher as changing to CMOS, particularly if high light sensitivity and global shutter at an affordable price is required, there are solutions available. Does the application require CCD? Does the application require analog? Does the application require Global Shutter? Does the application require higher resolution? Videology 21K17The new 21K17X Videology camera is ready for sampling. The 21K17X provides the above mentioned requirements, but it offers as well analog as digital interface, allowing the implementation of a potential foreseen transition from analogue to digital without altering the application design. The camera provides a ¼” CCD Sharp sensor with 960x720 TV lines in high resolution and due to its smallness the 21K17X is very robust. It’s a great fit for pipe inspection or other industrial surveillance tasks require instant imaging without latency. Moreover, the camera runs from 4.5V to 16V, so no adaptations are required powering the camera as well as the possible usage of coaxial cables. Finally, this camera allows to set registers as used from the 21K14X and 21K15X series. Loan samples are available from now on. Hannes Driessen, Line Manager Videology at FRAMOS, explains: “In addition to provide helping hands for the CMOS transition, FRAMOS partner Videology will continue to bring CCD based cameras with global shutter to the market. As always, FRAMOS and Videology collaborate to provide customized solutions that fit your unique application setting. FRAMOS’ knowledge and expertise will provide the best advice for finding vision solutions fitting the application requirements.”
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