Image processing solutions from FRAMOS at Laser 2017: Vision technologies for quality assurance and production monitoring

LASER is the leading international trade show for the photonics industry. Image processing specialist FRAMOS will present its innovative portfolio of vision components and system solutions for measuring and testing in automotive, optics and medical in Munich from 26 to 29 June 2017.

No more laser beams – the new, optimized LED EFFI-Lase V2 projectors from Effilux are not lasers and are therefore not restricted to the rules governing laser safety. With functions for the projection of lines, grids, point clouds, circles or crosses, the EFFI-Lase is a simple and safe alternative for applications such as 3D triangulation, positioning and stereo vision. A high resolution, long service life, the availability of various wavelengths from UV to IR and the absence of speckles are just some of the advantages that visitors can experience for themselves in a live demo at the FRAMOS booth.

From its portfolio of vision cameras, FRAMOS will showcase the “Twentynine” camera line from SMARTEK Vision. The compact series combines either USB3 Vision or GigE Vision in a miniature housing with the latest CMOS sensors. The flexible, modular platform concept enables SMARTEK to offer its customers quick and affordable custom-tailored solutions for applications in all vision areas.


Emergent_hs20000_1In the area of high-speed applications, FRAMOS will be showcasing the high-speed HR-20000 camera from Emergent Vision. The Emergent HR series with 10GigE interface sets performance standards with 338 fps at 2 megapixels or 32 fps at 20 megapixels. The series is compatible with GenICam and GigE Vision and can also use an SFP+ fiber optic connection for longer cables of up to 10 km in length. The C-Mount and F-Mount connections enable flexible use of the HS series in image processing applications.

FRAMOS will also present the Euresys Coaxlink Quad 3D-LLE for high-speed applications in a live demo at the booth. The PCIe 3.0 CoaXPress frame grabber with 4 camera connections generates 3D maps with 16-bit color depth in real time. On-board FPGAs measure the laser’s position while taking the image without overloading the CPU. The transmission rate of 25 Gbit/s from camera to host computer memory is one of the fastest data acquisition rates currently available in the field of machine vision.

At Booth 201 in Hall A2, the imaging experts from FRAMOS will present their portfolio of components and solutions ranging from sensors to complete systems and will assist interested parties with everything from selecting products through to configuring their systems for industry-specific challenges.

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