Lumenera ties up a magnificent INFINITY Fluorescence Camera Series package

Based on the INFINITY3 series cameras (including the new INFINITY3-3UR USB3.0 research-grade microscopy camera), Lumenera Corporation bundles additional software features ideal for general fluorescence microscopy applications and a 5-year-warranty. Lumeneras INFINITY3 series cameras have proven to excel in fluorescence – even under challenging conditions. Lumenera has bundled the new black enclosure INFINITY3 series cameras with feature rich software packages to provide a complete fluorescence imaging solution. The new black enclosure INFINITY cameras feature Sony CCD sensors, and offer high dynamic range, high sensitivity and optional thermoelectric cooling, resulting in excellent quality images and fast preview speeds. Customers can select one of these three camera models in color or monochrome: INFINITY3-1URF, INFINITY3-3URF, or INFINITY3-1PF. The bundle comes with INFINITY ANALYZE and CAPTURE software to easily capture and process images with excellent reproducibility and accuracy. Additional advanced features are available to module USB key, one advanced loaner hardware replacement to minimize down time, and as well the bundle extends the warranty on the camera from 2 to 5 years. The USB key also includes an advanced feature module for Spherical Aberration and Multi-Focus Composition resulting in crisp and clear images and images focused from top to bottom with seamless transitions. With a free 9 month trial version of Media Cybernetics image analysis software, Lumeneras’ clients can easily automate and simplify fluorescence imaging steps and extract powerful data from INFINITY’s images. For their white enclosure INFINITY cameras, Lumenera offers a new INFINITY Advantage Pack, that also includes ANALYZE and CAPTURE software and 5-year warranty. Both bundles reflect new camera pricing from Lumenera. Bundling the new black enclosure INFINITY3 series cameras with feature-rich software packages, offers customer more value to customers while maintaining top quality and accurate results in microscopy research. Publication:
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