New high-speed camera is paving the way to new applications and lower costs

20 megapixels, 32 frames per second, 10 Gigabit Ethernet video interface Emergent Vision Technologies is the world’s first provider of high-speed cameras with a video interface based on 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE), which has for years been the standard in modern IT networks. The flexible camera series consists of four models based on CMOS image sensors with global shutter technology delivering resolutions from 2 to 20 megapixels (MP) and transfer rates from 338 to 32 frames per second.
The new 20MP model with its CMV20000 sensor from CMOSIS® is available in monochrome and colour versions and is suitable for replacing several cameras of lower resolution, e.g. for quality assurance of printed circuit boards or semiconductor panels, or for high-resolution recording of very large areas such as assembly lines, loading stations or public places in real time (32 frames per second). This allows savings of over 50% on space and 40% on costs compared to conventional camera systems. Emergent Vision cameras perform most of the image processing on board the camera itself and are available in two different housing versions including a sensor mount arrangement angled at 90° for space-critical applications. The cameras are fully compliant with the GigE Vision® standard and the drivers and extensive SDK are compatible with many software libraries including Halcon, Streampix, LabView. The cameras can be easily integrated into existing system software in order, for example, to analyse large numbers of very fast-moving objects in a short time and in high resolution.
Apart from a 10GigE network card with receivers based on copper or fibre optics cables, (10)GigE cameras do not require expensive framer grabber hardware or special cables, reducing development time, footprint and peripheral costs for system developers and manufacturers. Emergent Vision Technologies provides many industries with applications in a wide range of areas, such as motion analysis in medicine and sport, the inspection of semiconductor panels, flat screens, printed circuit boards, food, rail tracks, printed materials and textiles. The aim of remains to use affordable hardware and industry-wide standards to record objects or movements at greater speed and resolution, either to increase the precision and speed and hence effectiveness, or to make it possible to analyse certain processes at all. The use of 10GigE as a video interface to meet the GigE Vision® standard and offers clear advantages over other interfaces in terms of cable length and maximum data rate when using only one cable, as well as the ability to distribute image data across an Ethernet network for processing and storage. 10GigE is also noted for low peripheral costs and native support of the software drivers in all popular software libraries. These advantages will continue to increase in future as soon as 10GigE is used in home computers and networks.
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