SMARTEK Vision emphasizes quality safety with 3 years warranty

Intensive long-term tests in the manufacturing process as well as in long-term customer’s use show the high reliability and consistent quality of SMARTEK Vision products. With the 3 years warranty on all industrial cameras and LED flash controllers (ex works), the expert in industrial image processing offers its customers a new service commitment based on many years of reliable statistics and new intensive testing procedures. Since 2001, the SMARTEK Vision Team around founder Dubravko Srsan develops high-precision cameras and flash controllers for industrial image processing, with an optimal price-performance ratio. With years of experience SMARTEK Vision supports customers in the automotive, packaging and beverage sector worldwide. The steadily pursued quality standard is reflected in failure rates tending towards zero and a high production reliability. Dubravko Srsan, CEO of SMARTEK Vision: "The warranty extension up to 3 years follows what the customer experience has already shown. The intensive testing during the manufacturing process, e.g. with constant load tests at high and low temperature range, ensures, that our customers can rely on consistently high quality, low follow-up costs and therefor investment security." Giganetix Standard Series
Giganetix S90 Series
Giganetix Board Level Series
Giganetix Plus Series
IPSC Strobe Controller Series
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