SMARTEK Vision presents: A New Business Class camera range for Economy prices

3, 6 and 9 megapixels, SONY CCD sensors, simple to integrate with Windows and Linux They are small, black, cube-shaped and inconspicuous, but are nevertheless truly magical cubes: we’re talking about the industrial GigE camera series Giganetix™ Plus, the new flagship of the high-tech manufacturer SMARTEK Vision. The new series electronic and mechanical design is tailored entirely to industrial applications and benefit from SONY’s latest advances in CCD sensors, such as the EXview HAD CCD II™ technology. SONY is making advances into new dimensions of light sensitivity, resolution and speed with its latest 2.8, 6 and 9 megapixel sensors. Thanks to our development team’s many years of experience, the new Giganetix™ Plus series offers optimum image contrast in applications with very short exposure times, such as the automation of production and logistical processes involving rapidly moving objects. In video surveillance applications for outdoor facilities or boundaries, the near infrared sensitivity and resolution of the cameras allow new system designs to meet higher requirements. The new powerful Giganetix Plus from SMARTEK Vision is suitable for high-end image processing in areas such as high-speed automation or outdoor surveillance. In addition to the excellent image sensors and outstanding image quality, the cameras offer a broad range of functions including two control input and outputs, supply of power via Ethernet cable (PoE) and the refined software development kit for Windows and Linux. The compact housing measures just 50x50x48 mm and ensures maximum heat dissipation from the image sensor. The sensor architecture and the first-class layout of the readout electronics has also been developed to provide the optimum signal-to-noise ratio. As with the existing camera ranges from SMARTEK Vision, customers benefit from the full compatibility of the hardware and software with industry standards (GigE Vision®, C-Mount lens holder, RJ45 and Hirose-compatible ports), enabling prompt and seamless integration into existing, cost-critical systems with no compromise on quality. Just as you’re always used to getting from SMARTEK Vision: “Business Class Products for Economy Prices”. Be one step ahead of your competition! Contact your local SMARTEK Vision sales representative for detailed information and reserve one of the first series cameras, available from mid February. Publication:
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