The "FRAMOS Tech Days" Event Provided Detailed Insights into Vision Technologies, Manufacturer Roadmaps, and Processing Trends

The fourth FRAMOS® Tech Days event was a complete success - 96% of the participants were satisfied or very satisfied with this technology platform for vision developers. Throughout the two-day event, Sony Japan, Intel, ON Semiconductor, and other FRAMOS partners were on-hand. They presented the latest technologies in the fields of image sensors and embedded vision, 3D imaging, artificial intelligence, and image processing in Munich, Germany May 22-23, 2019.

"Tech Days provided detailed and specialized knowledge to help make better use of image sensors; to make processing more effective; and, to use practical demos and application examples to bring a variety of tools into one's own everyday development life," was how one participant summed up their impressions.

The presentations by Sony, Japan were a special highlight. The sensor market leader made a detailed presentation of its fourth generation Pregius S; its stacked pixel technology; the improved functions, and the roadmap of this new flagship line. The first Pregius S series, with the IMX530, IMX531 and IMX532 sensors, will be available in late autumn 2019. "I was particularly impressed by the openness of the Sony staff; the unique, direct contact with the representative speakers, and that the exchange takes place one-on-one," emphasized a visitor who took part in Tech Days for the second time. ON Semiconductor spoke about their new X-Class platform, the ARX3A0 and the AR0430 series, including Depth Sensing. "The insights into the roadmaps and technical functionalities are very helpful for our strategic R&D decisions," said another participant.

The focus on new vision technologies like instant 3D imaging; real-time processing with artificial intelligence; and, innovative cloud applications likewise fascinated the audience. Both Stefani Eisele and Miro Mlejnek from Intel®, and Dr. Christopher Scheubel and Patrick Bilic from FRAMOS AI, made joint presentations. They talked extensively about Depth Sensing for the vision industry. In addition, they highlighted Intel's new Movidius line for intelligent image processing with Deep Learning and AI Engineering Services, which help to easily integrate visual intelligence into applications and products. Markus Mierse of SocioNext added the potential of ISPs and processing solutions, especially for surveillance and digital home applications.

Showcasing the FRAMOS sensor module and adapter board portfolio, the FRAMOS experts for embedded vision explained how devices with integrated image processing can be easily and quickly brought from prototype to development and production maturity, based on a modular approach. Participants were particularly interested in the latest sensor models up to 20 megapixels; the new multi-sensor platform for 360° stereo vision; and, the new FPGA modules with SLVS-EC connections. An example of positive feedback from the audience stated: "the live demonstrations were extremely helpful to understand sensor quality, easy connectivity, and the immense potential for reducing our development cycles".

Other topics included OLED display technology and the Spresense developer boards from Sony. In addition to the technical presentations and demo stations, the participants of the FRAMOS Tech Days especially appreciated the extensive networking possibilities. The most praised topic was the matchmaking offer of, "You should talk to ...". During the two-day event, developers and engineers were able to exchange ideas one-on-one with other experts and their peers.

Since 2016, FRAMOS has organized "Tech Days" as a technology exchange platform for vision developers in Europe and North America. Another European Tech Days event is planned for 2020.

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