Bounding Box Developer Script for Intel RealSense on GitHub

Python script supports multi-cam 3D measurements to facilitate automated logistic and postal solutions based on Intel® RealSense™ cameras.

The FRAMOS engineering team shares Python sample script on GitHub that works directly with multiple Intel® RealSense™ cameras to create bounding boxes for any kind of item. This Python script from FRAMOS can be downloaded from the link below:

Download from GitHub

Intel®’s RealSense™ cameras provide hands-on solutions to integrate high-quality 3D technology in embedded devices, or stand-alone solutions. High image-resolution, high frame-rates, and the integrated IR projector, allows for innovative applications in both indoor and outdoor environments. Depth data is generated on the embedded dedicated ASIC processor which processes raw image streams to compute high-resolution 3D depth maps. These 3D depth maps are created without the need for a dedicated GPU or host processor. The cameras and board modules are available with an SDK for Windows, Linux, and others, and provides code, debugging tools, and evaluation programs.

The newly released Python script sample for Intel®’s RealSense™ devices is based on FRAMOS’ in-depth knowledge of 3D solutions in industrial and logistics automation. This knowledge is used in this script to provide developers with a sample to create bounding boxes of objects. This can be used as a first step to create applications such as postal revenue calculation, storage space allocation, and, the sorting of objects based on package volume. Applications can benefit from this kind of 3D measurement to minimize overall volume; to decrease freight costs; or, to simplify and optimize shipment and warehousing. Developers building systems in the postal, storage, or sorting areas can get a head start by using this sample script. This is especially true for those expecting to design a multi-camera based application.

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