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Did you know, that FRAMOS also encourages artistic creativity?

As part of the companies values creativity is subject to daily challenges amongst colleagues and also in the support of young artists.
Dr Andreas Franz loves the idea to encourage artists especially in the imaging field. “As first step we have chosen an artist team, we know, to freely explore our slogan “Engineering Imaging Solutions” in various art techniques and perspectives. This is only the start for an annual investment to support (photography) artists and to enhance the office space with new pieces of art. This year the artist team Stephanie Anna Jauss and Moritz Gauger has been selected. Their style of creating paintings seems unique as they both work at one painting at the same time, however with a different approach of applying the color.  This creates a total new style. The painting for FRAMOS is oil, acryl and vinyl on canvas, 120 x 180 cm size. „Engineering Imaging Solutions“, 2011 Both artists discovered their passion for art during the preparation for A-levels at school. The local press got aware of them with the guerilla installation of a “living room” in the middle of Munich. On the Königsplatz they decorated a open-air living room with sofas, carpets and even a TV, which cause a lot of awareness. Süddeutsche Zeitung, „Feuilleton“  page 2, August 15th 1995: Temporary installation „Wohnzimmer“, Königsplatz, Munich Artist duo at their exhibition opening „Serie Eins: Fylgia“, in background „Fylgia: Leopard“ Since 2004 both work together regularly and presented their first single exhibition at the SUN Galerie at the Karlsplatz. Their series “Fygia” was shown, which is a combination of textures, which is accentuated by various image levels. The new series “Re: Vision” takes this idea even further. Jauss explains: “We selected a colorful cloth for a children’s bedroom as canvas and as background to add one layer after the other. To increase the contrast we have silhouettes of guns that leave space for the playful ornaments of the cloth. Currently the two artists are looking for a new exhibition possibility for their second series. „Fylgja: Katze“, 2008 & „FylgjaFF: Löwe“ „Revolver“, 2010 The inspiration for the piece of art of FRAMOS was the imaging field, as the slogan “Engineering imaging solutions” opens up like the searcher of a camera to an unknown object in front of the camera: a stripped material is used to give it a structure. Only looking at the picture by close, you can identify a special feature: the artists placed a FRAMOS as top layer. Details of „Engineering Imaging Solutions“
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