inVISION magazine awards Sony's IMX250 polarization sensor as Top Innovation 2019

The IMX250MZR image sensor from Sony Semiconductor has received the "inVISION Top Innovation Award" 2019. The prize, which has been awarded by the trade journal inVISION since 2015, honors ten products each year that have proven to be particularly trend-setting or innovative. Sony’s IMX250 is the first sensor with an on-chip polarizer to minimize system complexity and improve extinction ratio and incident angle dependence.

The IMX250 CMOS Pregius sensor from Sony Semiconductor is equipped with a four-directional polarization square pixel array which can filter light from all four direction in a single capture.

Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur, sensor expert at FRAMOS, explains the IMX250’s advantages: “Conventional cameras have to shoot three times while rotating a polarizer in front of the camera to filter the light. Sony’s new IMX250 CMOS sensor with its four-directional polarization only needs one shot to capture the same polarization in any direction. This increases the vision systems speed by increasing the throughput while reducing post-processing efforts – both very important factors for automation applications and detection of fast-moving objects.”

"I have seldom seen a new technology in image processing become so popular with camera manufacturers so quickly," says Dr. Peter Ebert, Editor-in-chief of inVISION magazine. "That's why the inVISION Top Innovation Award 2019 for Sony's IMX250MZR Pregius polarization sensor is more than deserved.“

In Factory Automation, polarization helps in inspection by improving the form recognition of low-contrast or transparent objects, leading to a lower fail rate and higher product quality. ITS applications can leverage the polarization to remove reflections, distinguish direct light from reflection and achieve better shape- recognition under low light. In any case, Sony’s new on-chip polarization IMX250 sensor improves recognition with this additional light information without the need for external polarization filters nor filter wheels.

Available at global imaging expert FRAMOS, the 5 Megapixel sensor has a 1/2.3“-type format and a pixel size of 3,45µm. The Global Shutter imager reaches frame rates up to 144 fps at 10-bit, which makes it a perfect candidate for factory automation as well as for ITS systems and imaging in infrastructure applications.

Polarization Image Sensor Technology "Polarsens" - Introduction Part

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