New at FRAMOS: Euresys Releases Open eVision Software for Improved OCR

Frame grabber and CoaXPress specialist Euresys recently released the new version of its image analysis software tool. Open eVision 2.0 introduces the new EasyOCR2 library and features an easier licensing system without the need for future upgrades. All Euresys products and software are available from imaging expert FRAMOS.EasyOCR2

Optical character recognition (OCR) is an important task for vision software supporting the automation of production processes using imaging technology. A library to match the captured image with known characters and patternsforms the basis for reliable and stable recognition. The new Euresys EasyOCR2 library has been optimized for reading short texts such as part numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates, lot codes and many more. Included in the Open eVision software, it provides an innovative segmentation algorithm to automatically locate text in the image based on expected character size and text topology.

”Paolo Bai, image acquisition expert at FRAMOS, tells more about the advantages of the new Euresys vision software: “Open eVision and its EasyOCR2 library fully support text rotation up to 360 degrees and achieve better recognition by character type specification. This software can read severely degraded or fragmented characters, even in uneven lighting conditions, and learns from one or multiple TrueType font files. Assisted learning from sample images is also supported. The software provides intuitive character database management. With the license scope and full compatibility, handling the software has never been easier.”


New licensing model and free Open eVision Studio

OpeneVisionLogoTriangle2016With Open eVision 2.0, the licenses become independent of the revision number and work with revisions of Open eVision 1.2 and above. Users do not have to upgrade their licenses to use the new software. Most of the Open eVision product codes remain unchanged, but the version number (1.2) has been removed from the product descriptions. New users can evaluate the software with a 30-day free-of-charge license including all Open eVision libraries.

In addition, Euresys is introducing a new development and prototyping tool to accelerate development processes. Open eVision Studio replaces the former Open eVision Eval application and comes with an intuitive graphical user interface, allowing users to call and immediately see the result of any eVision function. The free-of-charge application is available as a download. Consequently, the Open eVision Studio and Open eVision SDK licenses are not required anymore.

The FRAMOS imaging acquisition experts answer all questions about the new Euresys software package and all other Euresys products like frame grabbers and video servers. FRAMOS, as a value-added distributor, offers specialist knowledge ranging from sensors to systems and provides customer support for the integration of vision applications and projects. FRAMOS also offers additional services such as development support and logistics services.



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