Struggling with Low Light or Poor HDR Performance?

Stand Out from the Security Crowd with Advanced Vision Technologies from FRAMOS

Reveal the details you need with Security vision packages from FRAMOS!

Access the latest and most advanced vision technology to stand out from the professional security crowd.

Security Images Compromised by Poor Dynamic Range?

Seeing Both Bright and Dark Areas in One Image Can Be Challenging​

Improving Low Light Performance

The combination of highly sensitive sensors and specially selected lenses allow high-performance security vision packages from FRAMOS to capture full-color images in extremely low light:

Sony’s STARVIS 2 Back-Illuminated Pixel Technology

Sony’s STARVIS 2 back-illuminated pixel technology is specifically designed for the professional security market.  When using a Sony STARVIS 2 security sensor the image is acquired through the Back-Side-Illuminated (BSI) pixel architecture where there are no obstructions such as wiring or circuits, so just the smallest amount of light collected on the photodiode becomes useable.  This performance enhancement unlocks sensitivity of 2000 mV or more per 1 µm² and a wide dynamic range (AD12bit) of more than 8dB using the same pixel size in a single exposure.

Pair this sensor technology with a switchable IR-cut filter or narrow width dual band-path filter (in case NIR-Flash-illumination is used) to obtain both a brilliant color reproduction during daylight as well as maximum sensitivity at night. The result is a high image quality in the visible and near-infrared light regions, capturing the most critical data in when you need it most.

Lower Your Implementation Risk With FRAMOS Custom Solutions

Starting a new security project or need to improve your existing video solution?

FRAMOS custom solutions team can help fine tune your component package with the latest vision technologies and protect the value of your investment and your network. Expand the growth of your solution in step with your current and future business requirements.

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