Come meet FRAMOS and our offerings at our virtual exhibition.
Virtual Exhibition

Welcome to our Virtual Exhibiton

Dear Imaging Experts, Colleagues, and Partners,

We are delighted to showcase our newly developed demos and products that were introduced at the 2020 Embedded World tradeshow. We have developed a series of videos that highlights key features of our booth. This virtual forum will give you the opportunity to quickly review our achievement and will also highlight the demos that were showed at our booth.

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Live demo of an object recognition solution by Chris Barrett

Framos Embedded Vision Ecosystem

New released  Framos Driver for the Nvidia Xavier Development Platform is being presented in combination with the Framos Module Hardware. From the software point of view the NVDIA Library Argus is used to present a simple live multi streaming of four sensors connected to the Xavier Board.

The system highlights a way to easily integrate a device driver with an Image Sensor and the use of customized HW & SW to meet your performance, quality, and pricing requirements

Live demo of the D435e IP67 camera by Michael Ogilvie

Industrial Depth D435e Camera Underwater Demo

The camera is connected to a robotic arm that will move the camera around within the water.

The camera will be streaming a 3d pointcloud into the ROS platform and will be displaying the image using the RVIZ application. The pointcloud shows an underwater object (Buddha head) to show the depth map under water.

Live demo of the D415e with Skeleton Tracking by Ferdinand Reitze

Industrial Depth D415e Camera and cubemos Skeletal Tracking Demo

D415e depth camera together with the cubemos skeleton tracking SDK – a technology for 2D and 3D detection of persons and their posture.

Using the depth data stream, the cubemos software can detect human shapes fit them to a skeletal model and report joint positions in 3D. The system highlights the found skeletal geometries and works with multiple skeletons in the field of view.

Live demo of the SLVS-EC RX IP Core by André Brela

Vision development on Xilinx FPGAs and SoCs

The FRAMOS SLVS-EC RX IP Core is a receiver that handles the byte-to-pixel conversion of the incoming image data stream.

The IP Core provides the customer ‘s FPGA code with a Parallel Pixel Interface (PPI) from the transceivers of the Xilinx FPGA or SoC. Expect versatile support for all SONY sensors that support SLVS-EC version 1.2 and 2.0, at the maximum bit rate, regardless of the number of lanes or bit depth that are required.

Live demo showing a video loop on the tiny display surface by David Kallenbach

OLED Microdisplays

Live demo showing a video loop on the tiny display surface.  The video is streamed from a standard laptop, however this could be any kind of HDMI device.

The system highlights the ease of evaluating and integrating the latest microdisplay technology

Live demo of Embedded Vision Optics by Vivek Tyagi

Optics for Embedded Vision

Lenses and mounts from broad FRAMOS portfolio for all kinds of sensors and compatible with Framos Embedded Vision Ecosystem.

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